Sticking Around For A While

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So with this being my last year as a parent of a school-age child, I’ve decided to stay in town for the time being. Senior year is a huge deal with college applications. prom, graduation etc. and I don’t want to risk having to miss any of it. I missed taking kid #1 to college because of the Kinky Boots tour, and that was just kinda awful. So for the time being I’m staying home, earning some steady cash, and soaking up the last few months of full-time Dadding. And it’s been awesome.


AND I’ve been keeping my chops fresh by doing some readings. …

Not Too Bad… (if I say so myself!)

FunHome closeups 034

The reviews are in! Some folks had some lovely things to say about yours truly, and about the whole show. (You can read their reviews on THEIR blogs, though. This website is not called promotingcraigsfriends.com.) Lots of pics coming soon. Sigh. It was over much too fast. 

In Concert

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Playing catch-up with my blog here. We finished our too-short run of Fun Home (pics and reviews coming soon) and launched right into this Secret Garden concert. The cast were all assuming standard concert procedure - music stands, microphone stands, suits/skirt etc. Instead it was period costumes, staging, choreography, props…. and some of the most challenging music I’ve ever sung. And did I mention we put it up in 2 1/2 days? A complete whirlwind, but it seemed to really strike a chord with the packed audiences. shout out to my amazing castmates and the whole team for their incredible work. …

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