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I’m published! (Well my voice, anyway.) Proud to announce the release of my first-ever audiobook, ALIENATED - Short Stories by Milo James Fowler. Available now on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. It was a blast to perform. The stories are written in very different styles -  third-person sensual-ish romance, second-person telepathic communication, first-person noir-esque thriller. A broad range of characters - men, women, children, aliens, computers… so much fun.

Shout out to Mark Boyett and the engineers at BookMark Audio

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So this happened last week.

Actually it’s been in the works for several months. Started attending some workshops at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation and learned a little about voiceover work and audiobook narration. I also got introduced to Audiobook Creation Exchange (acx.com) It’s sorta like uber for audiobooks, matching authors with narrators (for a fee, of course… )

Using SAG’s free recording booth, I recorded some auditions, and heard back immediately from author Milo James Fowler, who has asked me to narrate his collection of short science fiction stories. …

Fun Home!

Fun Home musical Norfolk Virginia Stage Company

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but we finally got the go-ahead to announce publicly. I’m heading to Norfolk VA in January for a production of the 2015 Best Musical Tony winner Fun Home. I’ll be playing Bruce, the father with a dark secret. Just prepping the audition was a pretty intense experience, so I’m really glad to get the chance to put all that stress to good use!

I last worked at VA stage nearly 20 years ago (HOLY CRAP!) in a production of Dames at Sea with director Scott Schwartz. My oldest kid was only 18 months old at the time, my first time working away from home as a dad. …

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